Medical Lab Analysis (MLA) Lab Supervisor

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Khawarizmi International College invites applications for the position of "
Medical Lab Analysis (MLA) Lab Supervisor ". The position reports to the
Head of Health & Medical Sciences (HMS), and joining date will be from Fall
Semester of the coming Academic year ‎21/‎22. Joining date will be on 26th
August ‎2021.
The MLA Lab Supervisor will be responsible for providing technical support for
all MLA Lab operations, including but not limited to supervising and managing
the MLA laboratories, and assisting the students clinical training in the MLA
* Organizing, managing and supervising MLA laboratories.
* Assists students with setting up experiments and other learning exercises, and with the use of equipment and materials.
* Maintaining appropriate safety and hygiene standards.
* Maintaining required documentation related to laboratory activities.
* Managing equipment and materials inventories.
* Maintaining laboratory supplies- laboratory equipment, glassware and Chemicals.
* Determining chemical and equipment requirements, prepare purchase specifications and coordinate acquisitions.
* Specifying operational characteristics of apparatus, equipment and materials used in medical laboratories.
* Managing all chemical stock rooms in the department.
* Preparing reagents and supplies for chemistry laboratory courses.
* Participating in the design, development and testing of new experiments.
* Training and supervising other technicians.
* Ensuring proper handling, storage and disposal of wastes and hazardous materials in accordance with safety and hygiene standards.
* Maintaining laboratory records and inventories
* Preparing for general maintenance of laboratory equipment and instruments
* Teaching, academic advising, and providing training in the CME unit related to MLA.
* Ensuring quality assurance in the content delivery and assisting in the accreditations of the programs.
* Perform any other duties assigned by the direct manager, providing that it does not conflict with the nature of work.
* Knowledge of laboratory equipment including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.
* Pedagogical expertise (theory of practice for teaching and assessment).
* Good experience in delivering e-learning and online assessment.
* Proficiency with internet-based technologies and teaching tools (e.g. Blackboard and other virtual platforms and software) is a must.
* Ability to design and deliver effective e-learning courses.
* Ability to prepare and organize medical laboratory and demonstration materials.
* Ability to work effectively with a diverse faculty, staff, and students.
* Ability to anticipate and effectively adapt to changes in programs requirements and methodology.
* Proficiency in MS software applications including MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as Internet and database applications.
* Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding job assignments and sensitive issues.
* Ability to work with internal and external individuals from different disciplines and different levels of training.
* Effective communication skills (verbal and written).
* Developed organization and human relations skills.
* Self-motivated with a positive attitude.
* Ability to work effectively in a diverse team environment.
* Flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic environment.
* Ability to learn, change, and develop new skills and seek advice from a variety of sources.
* Able to exercise judgment and take risks.
* Adequate knowledge of Professional Standards and Certification bodies within the field.
* Ability to incorporate instructional technologies in the classroom.
* Master in Medical Lab Analysis / Clinical Pathology.
* ‎2 years' relevant work experience in the medical lab in hospitals.
* Basic knowledge of higher education accreditation and quality assurance requirements.
Candidates meeting the aforementioned requirements may send the updated
resume to [email protected]

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